Welcome to Boston Benvenuti nel gusto dell' America... It's Wicked Good

Boston Pub & Grill is Italy's newest concept restaurant!

Based on real pubs in Boston and serving traditional New England fare and BBQ. Relax in our beautiful pub, listening to famous Boston bands over the speakers or during Open Mic Nights! You may also enjoy playing a rousing game of Darts, while enjoying a cold draft from our Taps or a bottle from our fine beer selection from USA and Europe.

Our Grill is always hot, serving not only our signature burgers and hot dogs but also veal and pork steaks and tangy BBQ chicken and ribs!

Boston Pub & Grill not only serves great local food and beers but we also create amazing salsas on premise! Marketed under Dante's USA label our salsas are 100% natural with zero preservatives. Our sauces are available for purchase at our restaurant or online!

Dante´s "Salsa Di Tropea" is our signature onion sauce that made our hotdogs famous!

Boston Pub Sauce is a sweet and creamy, slightly spicy sauce. The perfect burger sauce.

Dante´s "Salsa Di BBQ" is our rich, thick and spicy sauce has the perfect tangy balance!

Hope to see you in Boston soon!!

Franchises are available! For more information please visit the Contact page.

Boston Pub & Grill
Boston Pub & Grill